Antibiotics licensed for small mammals and "exotics" are still lacking in most countries. Therefore, in case of therapeutic need, products licensed for dogs and cats must often be used.

For decades, Baytril® has successfully been used against bacterial infections in selected small mammals and "exotics" animals.

It must be considered that anatomical, physiological, and behavioral differences between the species exist, so that dosing recommendations can only be used as guidelines.

Species Data

Baytril® Antibacterial Therapy for Exotic Animals

Baytril®: Recommended Dose and Duration of Treatment*

Plasma Kinetics

Mean Plasma Concentrations - African Grey Parrots

Mean Plasma Concentrations - Rabbits

Plasma Kinetics of Baytril<sup>®</sup> in the Spur - Tailed Tortoise

* Summary of product characteristics; Baytril® inj. 2.5%; September 2014