Respiratory tract and systemic infections caused by avian pathogenic E. coli and/or mycoplasmas constitute the most prevalent and economically most important bacterial disease in commercial poultry operations.
Over the past decade, the rational therapeutic usage of Baytril® in chicken and turkey flocks has repeatedly confirmed the clinical efficacy of this antimicrobial product against ...

  • Respiratory colibacillosis

  • Mycoplasmosis

  • Chronic respiratory disease

  • Infectious coryza

  • Fowl cholera

Respiratory Colibacillosis in Chicken

A clinical study (study outline) compared the efficacy of continuous and pulsed water medication with Baytril® 10% oral solution (enrofloxacin) or with two reference fluoroquinolones in chickens suffering from respiratory colibacillosis and septicemia.
Based on the efficacy criteria examined (mortality rate, degree of air sacculitis, clinical efficacy index) the results of this study showed that continuous and pulsed dosing were clinically equivalent. This finding emphasizes the flexibility of drinking water dosing with Baytril® 10% oral solution in commercial poultry operations. Baytril® was more efficacious than both reference fluoroquinolones for the therapy of colisepticemia.
Charleston B.  et al. , 1998, Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 42:83–87

Mycoplasmosis in Chicken

In a clinical setting (study outline) young chicks were infected with  M. gallisepticum  and medicated in the drinking water afterwards with Baytril® 10% oral solution or with a reference compound.
The efficacy of the therapeutic medication was assessed according to different criteria, i.e. the air sacculitis lesion score, the cultural reisolation of  M. gallisepticum, and the serum agglutinin production. It was shown that the Baytril® therapy conferred good efficacy to respiratory disease caused by  M. gallisepticum  in poultry.
Hinz and Rottmann, 1990, Avian Pathology 19: 511–522.

Chronic Respiratory Disease in Poultry/Chicken

In many instances, M. gallisepticum infection in poultry is aggravated by respiratory colibacillosis and the complex is designated "Chronic respiratory disease" ("CRD"). Baytril® is efficacious against both mycoplasma and  E. coli  infections. In addition to field experience lasting over many past years, a controlled clinical study (study outline) gives convincing evidence that a drinking water medication with Baytril® 10% oral solution, either continuous or pulse dosed, cures chickens suffering from "CRD" very well (incidence of morbidity, incidence of lesions, clinical efficacy index).
Wray C., 1995, First European Poultry Symposium, pp. 43–45, Leverkusen, Germany
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Fowl Cholera in Turkeys

Particularly in growing turkeys, acute pasteurellosis (Fowl Cholera) is a life-threatening disease. In the case of field outbreaks, prompt antimicrobial therapy of affected flocks is required.
Dose titration studies showed that Baytril® doses of 5 to 20 mg/kg BW during three to seven days were efficacious against severe infections. A multicenter field evaluation indicated that drinking water medication with Baytril® in severely affected flocks cured fowl cholera very well.